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Our Proven 5-Pronged Approach to O.R.M.

The following five components will help ensure the success of your Online Reputation Management campaign.

  • S.E.R.P. Assessment

    The first phase of an online reputation management strategy involves an assessment of the Search Engine Results Page (S.E.R.P) for your targeted keyword(s). This allows us to determine positive, negative, and neutral web properties that we want to influence.

  • Property Creation

    Once a baseline of your existing web presence is established, we will begin creating additional web properties that we can control such as a branded website, social media profiles, and other creative channels that can rank for your targeted keyword(s).

  • Content Production

    Following the creation of your web properties, we will produce content to populate each of these channels in order to a) help them outrank targeted negative listings and b) share your desired message across the web.

  • SEO Boosting

    In addition to producing content, we will boost each of your brand properties with best practices for SEO, relating to on-page optimization, backlinking from outside properties, and interlinking between brand properties.

  • Competitor Suppression

    Once your brand properties are outranking negative listings on the S.E.R.P. we will need to continue burying them in the rankings and keeping them suppressed so they do not resurface above your listings.

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