How to Make a Business Instagram Account for my Business

  1. Navigate to Sign up • Instagram and create a new account with your email and/or phone number. If you already have an account set up, please skip to step 3.
  2. When signing up, replace the “Full Name” section with your business name. When choosing a profile name (also known as an @), again use your business name. If the profile name is unavailable you can try a different variation like an underscore or hyphen mixed in.
  3. When your account is set up with the proper name, bio, profile picture, etc., you will want to head over to your profile page.
  4. If you are on a mobile device, you will tap the 3 lines icon,, in the upper right corner. 
  5. Tap “Settings”
  6. Then tap “Account”
  7. Scroll down to “Switch to Professional Account” and tap, then tap continue.
  8. Next, you will want to add contact details and tap “Next”. Or tap “Don’t use my contact info” to skip this step.
  9. If you are wanting to connect your business account to a Facebook page that is associated with the business this is the place to do so. This step is optional but will make it easier to use all the features that are available through Meta.

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