How to Effectively Market Your Brand on Reddit

Reddit, also referred to as “The Front Page of the Internet”, includes a captivating combination of trending news, social discourse, and funny memes all combined into one engaging social media feed.

If executed properly, it can be a fantastic channel to promote your brand, either through open and transparent methods or through under-cover online guerilla marketing.

While it's a great and accessible way to gain a lot of highly targeted traffic, your posts and your brand will be "downvoted" beyond belief if you go about promoting yourself the wrong way.

Here are guidelines to follow when marketing your brand on Reddit.

Step One: Becoming a Redditor

You will want to set up a username and password but becoming a Redditor involves much more than that.

After you're done picking the perfect username and setting up your profile, you'll automatically be subscribed to a set of default "subreddits", which are essentially internet forums or communities dedicated to specific topics.

While you'll eventually want to dive deeper to find niche-specific subreddits, the posts found on your initial default feed will be a great opportunity to learn how users interact with the platform and with each other.

For instance, make sure to look through some of the more popular subreddits such as /r/AskReddit, /r/funny, or /r/TodayILearned in order to study the different types of content, inside jokes, and launguage used within the community.

After immersing yourself in the culture and conversation of Reddit, you’ll quickly be able to pick up on what’s appropriate and accepted, or inappropriate and not accepted as far as promoting your services.

When you create an account, you’ll need to decide which role you want to take:

Under-Cover Marketer – This will include a generic username such as ‘SportsFan97’ that will be used to strategically, but tastefully promote brand services.

Brand Ambassador – This can include a general username or a brand-specific username such as ‘Webgrowth’ but will not be used to overtly promote your business. Rather, it can be used to partake in conversation and answer any industry or company-specific questions to show that Webgrowthis an active and informative participant of the community. 

Step Two: Finding Your Industry Subreddits

Start joining subreddits based on topics or job titles that are relevant to your industry. A good place to start is by conducting a search within Reddit. 

For example, since Webgrowth specializes in fueling revenue growth for small businesses, you can search for "small business" and find this community with 210,000+ active users: 

Step Three: Joining the Conversation

You can use Reddit's search function or set up Google Alerts to see whenever someone submits a post specific to digital marketing or one of Webgrowth's services. For example, if you type in "SEO" into Reddit’s search feature, you can find posts like: 

You can then determine exactly how to participate in these posts, depending on the context of the conversation.

For example, you can log into your Brand Ambassador profile and contact them to see if you can answer any questions, or you can log into your Under-Cover account and say something along the lines of “I’ve used Webgrowth for their comprehensive SEO services and here are some pros and cons...”. 

Additionally, you can decide to actively participate (not necessarily promote) in industry conversations on your Brand Ambassador account to build credibility as an authoritative and valued member of the community.

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