Crowdfunding Digital Marketing

Learn how to make the most of your capital raise through a strategic crowdfunding campaign.

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Digital Marketing Channels

A crowdfunding campaign is a departure from the well-known, long-standing traditional methods of raising capital: bootstrapping, angel investment, venture capital, credit cards, and bank loans. Learn how we navigate strategic online channels to fund our clients' projects.


Social media marketing and
engagement campaign


Direct mail marketing and
nurturing campaign


Targeted search engine
advertising campaign


Creative website design
and development


SMS texting and outreach


Promotional video creation
and distribution

Crowdfunding Marketing Toolkit

Launching a crowdfunding campaign can not only raise capital for your asset, but can also create awareness to give your brand a wider reach. However, the success of your campaign largely depends on your marketing and the strategies you deploy to get the most out of the campaign. Download our free marketing toolkit to start your path to crowdfunding success.

Dedicated Crowdfunding Marketing Solutions

More than 60% of all crowdfunding projects fail to reach their fundraising goal.

We work so you won't be a part of that statistic.

Our engagement measurement systems and unique launch strategies could be all you need to reach your crowdfunding goal.

Everything You Need To Launch Your Campaign

Launch Strategy Elements

  • Market & Channel Analysis
  • Brand Storyline & Messaging
  • Crowdfunding Project Page Setup
  • Web Development
  • Video Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Pre & Post Launch Plan
  • Performance Measurement

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