Bing Ads Account Setup

1. Go to the Bing Ads Sign Up Page and enter an existing email address. 

2. Click Check availability to check if your email address is available to use. 

*If you have an email address you already use to sign into Microsoft products (like Skype or Xbox LIVE), all you need to do is sign in and the transition will be complete. If you’ve never used this email to sign into a Microsoft product, you’ll be able to sign up for a new account.

3. Click Next.

4. Sign into Bing Ads.

5. Enter Bing Ads account info

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6. Click Create Account

*After you’ve created your Bing Ads account, they will ask you to set up your campaign by importing from Google AdWords or by creating a new campaign. Skip this step and click Continue.

7. Enter your billing and payment information and click Next

8. You will be taken to the Account overview page. 

a. Locate your account number by clicking on the gear icon and then clicking Accounts & Billing

b. Your account number will be on the Accounts tab in the Account section. 

c. Account numbers are an eight-digit mix of numbers and letters. 

d. Please send us your account number and we will request to link you to our agency account.


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